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From the city of Panama are about 367 km, approximately 5 or 6 hours.

If you are going to travel by bus, from the bus terminal in Albrook, there are two options: you can go direct to Sona or take a bus that goes to Santiago and then take another bus that comes up to Sona. In Sona, the last bus leaves at 16:00 hrs toward Santa Catalina. If you have lost the last bus, you can take a taxi to bring you direct to Santa Catalina has a cost of approximately $40 (depending on the season).

If you are coming by rental car or own, you must take Interamerican highway to Santiago, Veraguas. Once you arrive to Santiago must venture to the central located back of the church and take road to Sona. Once in Sona, after the gas station "Delta" the first street to left hand turn to follow the road to Santa Catalina. After approximately 45 minutes you will find the sign that tells you the street which takes you direct to Santa Catalina. The last village before reaching Santa Catalina is the village of Icaco.

Once in Santa Catalina, take the first road on your left hand side and continue straight toward the Estero beach.Oasis Surf Camp is located in the Estero beach in Santa Catalina.

The OASIS SURF CAMP is the only hotel beachfront that provides a comfortable and relaxing family atmosphere, where you can enjoy your stay without going anywhere. Offers restaurant, comfortable private rooms (with a/c and hot water), a luxury star suite, free wiifi, surf boards rental and surf lessons.

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Santa Catalina is a small village of surf, very quiet and safe. Has long beaches and flat, where you can enjoy a long bath in the sea. Without excluding the varied and excellent waves that you can find in this nook in the Panamanian pacific. We are fortunate to have a temperate climate and also of having waves throughout the year. The main language used is the spanish, but we also speak english.

Santa Catalina is the best surfing spot in Panama, with one of the most consistent breaks in Central or South America. There is something to ride here every month of the year.

The Estero Beach is completely flat and is about 1.5 kilometers long and its width depends very much on the tide. From one side is limited with a river and on the other side with a rocky reef. From the Estero beach is possible to walk to the town of Santa Catalina, the walk takes about 15 minutes.

Apart from the surf you can do horse riding, fishing excursions or to nearby islands (Coiba, Cebaco and Governor), find bars, restaurants and pizzerias; or make a unique dive or snorkeling in nearby locations.
In our Oasis can practice beginners in sea bottom sand waves, small and consistent; but there are also surf for advanced surfers. As the waves are both, left and right of the bottom is rocky. Usually the waves oscillate within 3 to 15 feet; the biggest waves can be found between march and august. 




The perfect location of our hotel allows our customers to reach all the breaks in a matter of minutes. A wave of medium size is right on the main door of your room.

The Oasis surf school is open to all public, including people who are not hosted in our hotel or hostel.

The Estero Beach is a beach break perfect for beginners and for experienced persons in the surf.


The internationally famous surf break at Santa Catalina has been described as a perfect point break with long, powerful hollow waves that break left and right. There's also a sand beach break next to town with hollow lefts and rights that are somewhat smaller than waves at the point.
The famous break of Santa Catalina is 'La Punta' just a 2 minutes? walk along the beach from the hotel (you can see "La Punta" of the cabins). And as 10 minutes walk from the hotel to your left you will find another tip called "Punta Brava": about a half-hour walk southeast of Santa Catalina point,  a wave only for experienced in the sport of surfing. Is a hollow left-hand, rock-bottom break. 'Punta Roca': about a half-hour walk northeast of Catalina, is another left-hand point break, about the same size as Catalina. 'Isla Cebaco': which is accessible only by boat, is an island with a beach break and point break, with left- and right-breaking waves that tend to be somewhat bigger than Catalina oint.
Except for the Santa Catalina point break, which can be surfed at medium or high tide, experienced surfers say these other waves can be ridden only at medium to low tide.


It has been 14 years since David next to his father came from Italy to build what is today the Oasis Surf Camp. Year after year are making improvements in the hotel to keep your customers more comfortable and that your stay is a total pleasure; and well wishing to return to enjoy your holiday with us.

The owner of the Surf Camp is David Bortoletti and the owner of the Oasis restaurant is Silvia Bortoletti. Jennifer of Bortoletti is responsible for the reservations in the hotel and hostel. Together have a qualified team of people that make your stay pleasant well.

What's up at the Oasis? They have delicious Italian and Panamanian food, gorgeous bungalows to stay. A beach bar to enjoy the sunset! What more? Surfboard rental or lessons and boat trips to the island around. 

 Check our hostel at www.santacatalinapanamahostals.com



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